Pedestrian Struck and Killed By Careless Driver

On August 25, 2012, in Pedestrian Accident, by K. Lindsay Rakers

Car accidents, truck accidents and bus accidents are dangerous on their own accord.  When you throw a motorcycle or a pedestrian into the mix, the results can be devastating.  Let’s face it, it is scary when you are in a car and you see a semi truck coming upon you in the rearview mirror.  Why?  Because we all know that a tractor trailer weighs more than a car, it is harder for them to stop, and the impact will be fierce.  The same happens when a car hits another car.

But think about this phenomenon when a car (or worse yet, a tractor trailer) hits a motorcycle or a pedestrian, individual!  Pedestrian accidents can quickly become fatal.  People are hurt, badly, and sometimes even killed.  Just last night, a St. Louis car driver struck a pedestrian on Natural Bridge Road.  Worse yet, the 20 year old car driver left the scene, likely knowing that he was at fault.  The driver was speeding on Natural Bridge Road and clearly not paying attention when he struck the pedestrian.  Unfortunately, the pedestrian could not withstand the force of the impact and was killed.  The car driver has since been arrested.

Lindsay Rakers is a car accident attorney at Tapella & Eberspacher LLC.

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