PROMO is a Missouri organization stretching across the state that provides constant advocacy for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality. The group promotes equality through legistlative action, electoral politics, grasswrood organizing and community education.
While I have been a member of Promo and periodically donate my time, I decided that wasn’t enough. Today, I officially joined the “Governor’s Council”. What does that mean? Well it is more than just a monetary donation (which is obviously needed to keep this organization going). As part of the Governor’s Council, I help, among other things:
1. Advocate for pro-LGBT policy change at the state and local level;
2. Build alliances with supportive religious leaders throughout the state; and
3. Guarantee the legal right of same-sex partners to make important end-of-life decisions.
This is an important organization. I have watched first hand the work that these people do. The equality that is started to ooze from decisions made in University City and Olivette don’t just happen over night. Please help! For more information or to donate, please visit


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