There is a lot going on at PROMO this week! PROMO
‘s Executive Director, A.J. Bockelman is currently serving as a David Bohnett Gay & Lesbian Leadership Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School. The members of PROMO continue to work tirelessly to change legislation in Missouri. The Missouri Nondiscrimination Act (MONA) is a big issue right now. Currently, in the State of Missouri, you can still be fired for being gay, lesbian, bi or transgendered. Also, students in the State of Missouri are bullied a disproportionately higher level than in any other state. To that end, we are working on the Safe Schools Act with the Safe Schools Coalition. Only 165 days left to prepare for the 2012 legistative session!
Upcoming event – “Sweet Equality”! Local sweets businesses (bakeries, frozen yogurt, ice cream shops) are teaming up throughout St. Louis, Kansas City and Springfield and donating a portion of their sales proceeds on September 8, 2011. I will post an update when I have additional information.


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