small.jpgToday I met with the SLU group known as the “Outlaws” over lunch. President Simon Taft welcomed and introduced me to the groupd of approximately 25-30 second and third year law students. As it was explained to me, the overall purpose of the Outlaws organization is to promote both awareness and acceptance of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning and allied students and factulty at SLU Law (Saint Louis University School of Law).
I first introduced myself and where I work, The Cagle Law Firm. I explained that I first attended the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign for undergrad work prior to attending SLU Law. I explained that I handle all types of personal injury work on behalf of plaintiffs (I represent the injured and their families). Specifically, I assist those who are injured in car crashes, truck accidents, semi or tractor trailer crashes, falls on property, dog bites, animal attacks, defective products and dangerous drugs.
I was pleased that many of the students had questions for me. The main focus of my discussion today centered around the following issues:
Being a lesbian lawyer;
Balancing two kids and a career;
Coming “out” at work;
Big law firms vs. small law firms;
The legal community’s acceptance of gay, lesbian, by, transgendered individuals;
Whether to disclose being gay/lesbian in an interview or later;
The current job market for graduating law students;
Finding a job that is the right fit;
Being yourself at work;
Dealing with unsupportive co-workers;
Finding the area of law that fits.
I truly enjoyed my time today and thank all of the Outlaws!


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