4e77b5d038bba_preview-300.jpgSt. Louis City Juvenile Court Judge Jimmie Edwards has something to smile about these days. Judge Edwards has been nominated by People Magazine as a national finalist for the 2011 People Readers’ Choice Hero campaign. Judge Edwards is deserving of this award for the outstanding work and dedication to the Innovative Concept Academy, which he created.
1007edwards3classroom.jpgThe Innovative Concept Academy was created in 2009 at the then abandoned and dilapidated Blewett Middle School on Cass Avenue in St. Louis city. Judge Edwards created this school as an alternative school for juvenile offenders. The school is across the street from where Edwards grew up.
Judge Edwards and his outstanding work will be featured in the October 3, 2011 edition of People Magazine. Judge Edwards is competing against eight other individuals, throughout the country, for this prestige honor. The winner of the “contest” will win $10,000 for the charity.
As St. Louis personal injury attorney, much of my day is spent hearing about tragic car crashes, truck accidents, and serious injuries resulting from falls or dangerous drugs. I also frequently hear other attorneys complaining about a judge’s ruling or someone’s behaviour in court. It is refreshing to hear about Judge Edwards’ efforts for such a worthwhile cause. You can help Judge Edwards by casting a vote. You have until October 13 to cast your vote!


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