I speak a lot about helping the injured in St. Louis and the rest of Missouri with regard to their car accident, truck accident and property fall claims. As an accident injury attorney, I also handle injury claims for those injured or residing in the bottom half of the State of Illinois. I grew up in Springfield, Illinois and lived there until I left to attend the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign. I am still a proud, avid fan of the Fighting Illini – whether it’s a good or bad season! Although I later attended St. Louis University School of Law, a piece of my heart will always remain in Illinois. My parents still reside in Springfield. My grandfather, the Honorable Gail McWard, was a circuit court judge in Taylorville, Illinois. Many family and friends still live in central Illinois. Further, for 6 years of my career, I worked in Edwardsville, Illinois representing those injured in Belleville, Edwardsville, Alton, Mt. Vernon, Marion and other parts of Southern Illinois and the Metro East.
I am proud to continue to fight for the rights of the injured, and their families. I handle Illinois car accidents, car crashes, falls on property, defective mask and respirator claims, silicosis and black lung claims, dangerous drugs, defective drugs, tractor trailer accidents, motorcycle accidents bus accidents. I have also spent time helping injured workers with their Illinois workers compensation claims.
Just like in Missouri, if you have been injured in Illinois, it is important to contact an attorney immediately. Even if you decide that an attorney is not suitable for you, it is important to at least explore your options. Take a car accident for example, the insurance carrier for the negligent driver will likely have one of their own investigators at the scene before it is cleaned up. While they will sing the ol’ song of “we are still investigating your claim” to you – while they drag their feet and refuse to pay you what you are owed – you can be sure they are doing what THEY need to do to protect THEIR rights. It is crucial that you do the same. Most Illinois personal injury attorneys will speak with you for free so that you can decide what to do next.


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