Inattention Causes Serious Missouri Car Crash

On February 14, 2011, in Auto Accident, Personal Injury, by K. Lindsay Rakers

1009382_overpass.jpgA serious car wreck involving two vehicles took place Friday night on Highway 63 near Sturgeon, Missouri. The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported that a woman from Hannibal, Missouri was going the wrong way on northbound Highway 63 when she entered the southbound exit ramp. Upon entering the southbound exit ramp, her 2006 Ford struck a 2007 Toyota traveling in the correct direction. Both vehicles suffered extensive damage from this Missouri automobile accident. It was not yet reported as to why this woman was traveling in the wrong direction.
As a Missouri car crash injury attorney, I frequently hear of car accidents caused by inattention. It is not uncommon to hear of serious injuries resulting from car accidents as a result of someone taking their eyes off of the road for just a couple of seconds – to change the radio station or even a song on the ipod, to send or read a text message, to pick up a toy the baby in the back seat dropped, to get a piece of gum, to get something out of a purse. As people are driving, they are typically thinking of other things which can lead to distraction. It may be that the woman involved in this auto accident was momentarily distracted which permitted her to drive the wrong way on the roadway.
Car wreck causes extensive damage, Columbia Daily Tribune, February 14, 2011.


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