Post Snow Article_Page_1.jpgI previously wrote about the various duties imposed upon Missouri and Illinois property owners in circumstances of snow and ice. Reporters from the St. Louis Post Dispatch read my blog and requested an interview. The article can be found by clicking on the below link.
This past weekend produced some horrific storms in our St. Louis Metro area. Several tornados were spotted and some Missouri cities were actually damaged by these dangerous tornados. Sunset Hills, Missouri, just a few miles from my home, was struck hard and the damage is extensive. I drove by the affected streets and was shocked and saddened to see many houses reduced to ruins. I also noticed plenty of citizens walking around surveying the damage and walking right through the dangerous debris on the property. I am hopeful that the applicable insurance companies move quickly to assist these affected property owners and also clean up the city before people are injured.
Most people think of weather resulting injuries in connection with snow and ice only. But we are at risk of being injured as a result of weather-related conditions year round. This recent storm is a reminder of that fact.
To shovel or not? Thinkers dig deep in debate,, December 25, 2010


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