Dangerous “Swatting” Callers Targeting More Than Just Hollywood Stars

On January 23, 2013, in Community, Safety, by K. Lindsay Rakers

The latest form of prank calling has grown into a very dangerous form of play. “Swatting”, as defined byWikipedia, attempts to direct response units of different types (police, fire, even SWAT) to a false incident location. The serious prank gets its name because more often than not, SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) teams are dispatched to the scene. In most states, it is a misdemeanor or felony to report a false incident to EMS authorities. The trouble is, with this … Continue Reading >

Meningitis Outbreak – is the FDA Protecting Us?

On January 23, 2013, in Defective Drugs, by K. Lindsay Rakers

Fungal meningitis has been making news headlines recently due to the outbreak of this rare illness in patients that received potentially contaminated spinal injections of a steroid which was produced and distributed by the New England Compounding Center. As of October 13, 2012, fourteen people have lost their lives in over 170 reported cases due to fungal meningitis; with over 13,000 individuals being potentially exposed to this illness through injections. Health officials estimate that the potentially contaminated injections were distributed … Continue Reading >

National Safety Council Releases Fatality Estimates

On January 23, 2013, in Auto Accident, by K. Lindsay Rakers

The next time you get in your car to run an errand, or take a road trip, make sure that you are safe and respectful to those around you, and be aware of the potential hazards of automobile travel. Recent studies show that motor vehicle deaths in the first eight months of 2012 have increased by a dramatic 7% over those statistics measured in 2011, and show a continued increase of 5% from those measured in 2010. The total for … Continue Reading >

What I Love Most About Being An Injury Attorney

On January 23, 2013, in Personal Injury, by K. Lindsay Rakers

When I was younger, I was aware that my grandfather was a Judge (Judge Gail McWard) in Taylorville, Illinois (Christian County). I watched folks look up to my grandfather in that small town. Back then, being a lawyer was still a noble profession. Aside from meaning you likely made a good living, lawyers and judges were respected in the community for being stand-up citizens – giving back – doing something with their lives. As time has gone on, things have … Continue Reading >

How to Select an Accident Injury Attorney Who is Right for YOU!

On August 22, 2012, in Auto Accident, by K. Lindsay Rakers

If you are like me, you are probably growing tired of hearing the same ol’ line from attorneys.  If you have recently been injured in a semi accident, car accident, truck accident, tractor trailer accident or motorcycle accident in Missouri or Illinois, and you have hopped on the internet and searched for an Illinois injury attorney or Missouri injury attorney, you are seeing a lot of the same thing.  You are seeing things like “best Missouri truck accident attorney” or … Continue Reading >

St. Louis Missouri Wrong Way Driver Hits Bus

On July 30, 2012, in Bus Accident, by K. Lindsay Rakers

For unknown reasons, a man was driving the wrong way on Highway 40 near Chesterfield, Missouri early this morning.  Specifically, his car was traveling eastbound in the westbound lanes on Interstate 64.  His car broadsided a Greyhound bus before striking another car.  The wrong way driver was killed in the car-bus accident.  The driver of the other car was injured and taken to the hospital.  A passenger on the Greyhound bus was also injured in this St. Louis Missouri car … Continue Reading >

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