Women are finally realizing possible long term complications of breast implants with the recent release of the FDA’s warning regarding the potential link between breast implants and a rare type of cancer called Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma. Although less than 80 cases of implant related cancer have been reported, it is still a prevailing medical issue that women should be aware of if making the decision to go under the knife.

Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (or ALCL), can develop throughout the body, and rarely, in the breast. ALCL is diagnosed in about 1 out of every 500,000 women a year, with ALCL in the breast diagnosed an average of 3 out of every 100 million women a year in the United States. Among the millions of women with breast implants, 60 cases of ALCL have been reported, with a small number of other cases reported by groups outside of the FDA’s purview.

With the media exposure now surrounding this rare form of cancer and it’s potential link to breast implants, consumer watch dog groups are pointing to the FDA as not providing an adequate warning to women regarding the risks of silicone breast implants, and that women seeking breast implants should have been turned away due to the dangers of silicon. Even with the media onslaught, the FDA continues an advisement of normal check ups, and awareness of warning signs including swelling, pain, lumps, or asymmetry. They have yet to warn women regarding the removal of their implants due to anaplastic large cell lymphoma. The FDA states that silicon implants are safe and effective when used properly, but are continuing to look into this potential link.

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  1. Raul Waldschmidt says:

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  2. johan says:

    blog is informative about women implants.write some tips how to save from breast cancer

  3. johan says:

    breast cancer very common in women silicone breast implants creating many problem .

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