New Detergent Packets are Dangerous to Kids

On May 25, 2012, in Uncategorized, by K. Lindsay Rakers

The American Association of Poison Control (AAPCC) has issued a warning to parents who have single dose packs of laundry detergent in their homes. Tide Pods and Purex UltraPacks have been rolled out recently. The goal is to attract consumers who have grown tired of carrying around the large containers and spilling the contents. These smaller, single load packs are more convenient.

But convenience doesn’t come without a price. The Associated Press reports that poison control centers across the country have received almost 250 calls relating to kids ingesting these packets. The centers report that the single load packets look like candy to young children and are ingested.

Sadly, the results have been severe. A 20 month old who swallowed one of the packets quickly became ill and unresponsive. Two other children were placed on ventilators.

The AAPCC has instructed anyone who has such packets in their homes to keep them stored in a high, safe place where children cannot reach them.

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