slide_9157_121592_large.jpgWashington University School of Law is one of 19 schools that received a five-star rating in Campus Pride 2010 LGBT Friendly Climate Index. The School of Law in St. Louis, Missouri started a group called OUTLaw – which is an alliance of law students that works with the community to promoto a positive environment for gay, lesbian, bi and transgendered individuals. The group’s goal is to address legal issues and questions that arise with sexual and gender diversity.
Today, I spoke with the OUTLaw group and answered questions that the students had regarding balancing work life and personal life with regard to coming out to co-workers and clients, the interview process, and finding a work environment that is friendly and accepting. As an accident injury attorney in St. Louis, Missouri, I often deal with clients on a personal level. my clients have been in car crashes, truck crashes, serious falls and have suffered permanent injuries. I get to know my clients pretty well and only feel that it is fair for them to get to know me as well. So when they ask about my personal life, I tell them. Eleven (11) years ago, when I was graduating from law school and mostly concerned about finding a job to pay my bills, I wasn’t as confident. I was touched to hear the students worry about the same things I did. I hope that I was able to help answer their questions about the LGBT issues in the law community.


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