Two tractor trailers recently rolled over while headed west on I-44 near mile marker 61. According to the Missouri Highway Patrol, both westbound lanes were blocked. There was also a separate, one-vehicle wreck two miles away at mile marker 63. While injuries have not yet been reported, it is likely that the drivers of these tractor trailers suffered an injury of some type.
In another Missouri automobile accident on Interstate 44, a Diamond man was injured in a four-car pile-up ten miles west of Springfield. A man was rear-ended by a tractor trailer according to a highway patrol crash report. The force of the collision with the tractor trailer caused the injured’s Jeep Grand Cherokee into the back of a Dodge truck. The Missouri Highway Patrol reported that vehicles were slowing down at the time of the accident to avoid a passenger car stuck against the median cable near Highway PP.
Interstate 44 is notorious for serious accidents. As a Missouri accident lawyer, I hear about accidents on I-44 frequently. Many Missouri commuters utilize Interstate 44 to travel to and from work. Because so many vehicles are present on the roadway during peak traffic hours, accidents are bound to result. Drivers are in a hurry to arrive both at home and work which can lead to distraction and fatigue. Further, there are several exits along Interstate 44 that quickly become bogged down with cars which can cause long traffic backups onto the Interstate itself.
Diamond man was injured Thursday in a four-car pile-up on Interstate 44,, October 22, 2010


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